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ABS sign 2.JPG Alpha Ag Solutions is a division of Alpha BioSystems. For many years, Alpha BioSystems has brought innovative technology to a variety of fields including retail, agricultural and industrial. We love the organic lifestyle, and our goal is to make our organic products as available to you as possible.

Alpha BioSystems built and manufactured a limited line of products in the early phases. Primarily, the Safe-One for dairy lagoons, Aqua-One for pond clarification and the Terra-One for turf applications.

Terry Loucks, our Executive Vice President of Technology, joined the company in 2000 to help with the new, emerging technology of utilizing microbes. Terry has spent the last 12 years with ABS as the head of research and development. He has focused on the development of an agricultural product line specific to agricultural waste management and crop enhancing products.

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Thank you for your interest in the Terra-One family High Yield Inputs. My name is Terry Loucks, Executive Vice President and head of Research and Development; thirty-seven years ago my career began in a laboratory armed with a chemistry degree and a desire to learn. My experience ranges from microbiology work in the City of Wichita Water and Waste Water Laboratory to private sector laboratory research. The past twelve years have been spent understanding the relationship between soil chemistry and soil biology.

Many products were thoroughly tested in a wide range of soil types, to determine the efficacy of the each product. The goal was to take a basic set of licensed formulas and improve them into a dynamic line of soil amendment products to increase grass and crop production yields.

IMG_8339.JPGThe evaluation process was accomplished through an extensive research of available microbial technologies and manufacturing techniques. The research conducted in Alpha BioSystem’s (ABS) laboratories and test plots charted a path to develop product improvements and ingredients to the original licensed formulas. During the evaluations, the scientific conclusion is Terra-One’s current concentrated formula creates the changes necessary to produce the desired results in a single crop cycle.

In addition to making the product more concentrated, another key improvement to the licensed formulations was the addition of Mycorrhizal Fungi to the mixture of beneficial bacteria. To our knowledge this was an industry first. ABS worked with Dr. Mike Amaranthus PHD, who has 30 years in the field of study of this fungus and is considered the leading authority. Terra-One product is certified by the Myco-Apply program that verifies Fungi content as represented on the label.

stephen.jpg The Terra-One concentrate is a three-part mixture of bacteria, activator and the carrier (water or a liquid fertilizer) mixed onsite by the end user. By utilizing the concentrates and the new manufacturing process, ABS can now ensure freshness of the product by building batches based upon product demand. Every batch carries a mix or use by date. Midwest Laboratories in Omaha, NE is utilized to validate the testing and efficacy of the product.

The Terra-One family of concentrates is manufactured for the commercial market. Results prove it provides an effective return on investment, of grass and crop production.

Please accept my invitation to call or stop by; meet our laboratory staff, microbiologist, tour our facility and learn more about my passion of the last twelve years.


Terry Loucks
Executive Vice-President
Research and Development
Alpha BioSystems