Our Products in a Nutshell


Terra-One™ features a proprietary formula to help increase your cut and enhance the biological diversity of your soil. Simply put, Terra-One™ will focus on unlocking your soil’s nutrients. Terra-One also contains mycorrhizal fungi.

Terra-One™ HYG High Yield Grass
Terra-One™ HYG is an organic liquid blend of soil conditioningbacteria that increases the availability of both natural and applied nutrients present in your soil. Learn more about Terra-One™ HYG.

Terra-One™ HYC High Yield Crop

The Terra-One™ HYC story starts with improving soil fertility conditions. The custom design blend of concentrated Terra-One™ with mycorrhizal fungi unleashes a robust, yet powerful set of microbials into the soil, improving the condition of the soil. Learn more about Terra-One™ HYC.


Safe-One™ is a robust liquid microbial treatment developed to break down sludge and waste nutrients from livestock waste lagoons. Safe-One™ does its work over time in an all natural and safe way,containing no harsh chemicals. Safe-One™ was designed to provide effective and measureable results. Learn more about Safe-One.™


Compost-One™ is a complex blend of living microbials specially formulated for composting operations and is being successfully used in the field today. Making good quality compost takes time and effort. Compost-One™ maximizes the investment by reducing the time needed to bring compost to maturation. Learn more about Compost-One.™