Terra-One HYC

Terra-One HYC (High Yield Crop Inputs)

Increase yield and reduce input costs

Your crop is only as profitable as your soil will allow. Terra-Oneā„¢ HYC (High Yield Crop Inputs) is a proprietary all-natural microbial soil enhancement with a mycorrhrizal additive developed by Alpha AG Solutions to help you increase your results and reduce your costs.


Organic matter, an essential component

Crops depend on water. Soil organic matter levels commonly increase as average annual precipitation increases. Elevated levels of soil moisture result in greater biomass production, which provides more residues, and thus more potential nutrients.

Soil fertility requires all physical, chemical and biological components of soil to be in balance. Farmers today seek technology that will lower soil input costs over time.


How it works

Water is an essential element that transports minerals through the soil for absorption. Together, mycorrhizal fungi and microbes help unlock soil nutrients and increase absorption.

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Terra-One HYC:

  • Unlocks soil nutrients
  • Stabilizes nitrogen
  • Provides more fertile soil conditions
  • Increases yield
  • Can be used on all crops
  • Can be applied year-round
  • Cannot be over-treated
  • Works in all soil types
  • Helps balance soil PH
  • Can be used with or without chemical fertilizers
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Can be spray-applied


Terra-One HYC Product Information

bladders and dechlor 2.JPG 5 gallons Will treat 40 acres.

  • 5 gallons of HYG Premix
Mix 16oz./acre with the desired amount of water or liquid fertilizer. Product can be applied via: Broadcast, Center Pivot, In Furrow, Side By Side, Side Dress, Injection Side Tank or however you apply liquids into the ground.

Bulk Tank.jpg 60-330 gallons Will treat 480-2,640 acres.

Comes as a ready to use mix at 16oz./acre.

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