Waste Water Treatment


The All Natural Solution for Waste Water Remediation

DSC00533.JPG Alpha Ag Solutions brings you Safe-One™, our custom blended, robust liquid microbial treatment developed to break down sludge and waste nutrients from livestock waste. Safe-One™ does its work over time in an all-natural and safe way, containing no harsh chemicals. Safe-One™ was designed to provide effective and measurable results. Even better, we customize treatment schemes to meet your particular needs, providing assistance and support throughout the entire process.

Safe-One™ Provides Effective and Proven Results with Waste Water Remediation.

  • Provides safe, cost-effective treatment for feedlot, dairy, swine, and poultry operations of all sizes.
  • Reduces the concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, and ammonia in wastewater and associated odors.
  • Liquifies sludge and other waste material, reducing pumping and disposal costs.
  • Increases pumpability, reduces pivot maintenance.

Safe-One Product Information

Item Number Description Treats
safe one bag.jpg F20880 Safe-One 5 gallon bag 1,000 tons

Proven Results – Safe-One Makes Waste Water Remediation Easy

Alpha Ag Solutions tailors and designs programs based on your specific needs and goals. We can deliver a complete turnkey solution to your operation. Our total solution package includes water testing and analysis, training, microbial treatment, and waste management equipment solutions. Alpha Ag Solutions administers a comprehensive and ongoing treatment plan focused on achieving short term and long term results. Ongoing monitoring and plan adjustments ensures an effective solution – think of Alpha Ag Solutions as your on-site partner in the management of your waste water.

Safe one total elements table.jpg

Further Product Information

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